Nathan Beel offers affordable online counselling and clinical supervision. This is offered via Zoom, Skype, or phone. Due to holding a full-time academic position, counselling availability is limited. Contact Nathan to check for availability.

Nathan’s therapy framework is based on collaboration with clients on what is important for them and what preferences they have for treatment. Nathan has a particular interest in counselling men.


My current professional role is as Counselling Discipline Coordinator at the University of Southern Queensland. I also practice and teach counselling, and provide clinical supervision to students and professionals.

Online Professional Development Courses

Introduction to Male-Friendly Counselling

This course teaches therapists how to engaged better with men by understanding more about masculinity and how it impacts treatment. 

Common Factors of Successful Counselling

This course has been developed from research into factors associated with therapeutic change.

Responding to the inner critic

This online course teaches students about a psychological process associated with low self-esteem

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