Mentoring for counselling students

I support students and new counsellors in navigating through their counselling training, develop their professional identity, and strengthen their employability as counsellors. I have had many years both as a student, a counsellor, a manager of counsellors, a lecturer, and an academic leader.

Mentoring may be a single consult session, sessions as needed, or more regular appointments.

Areas students may wish to discuss:

  • Exploring personal reactions to content or role plays
  • Guidance to understand theories and practice
  • Assistance in academic skills
  • An opportunity to practice skills and receive feedback
  • Guidance on how to set up a private practice
  • Guidance on how to prepare oneself for maximum employability
  • Guidance on how to prepare for research or for entry for doctoral study

Sometimes, in the mentoring relationship, mentees may feel a need for personal therapy. If this occurs, I can provide guidance or a referral to see a therapist. This will ensure the integrity of the mentoring relationship.

I can take students studying counselling in any institution except those where I currently teach (i.e. UniSQ and ACAP). This is to reduce the risk or perception of a conflict of interests.

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