Counselling Men

Counselling Men is my specialist service, delivered online to men throughout Australia. I provide a rare opportunity for individual men to be heard, understood, and truly valued. I offer tailored guidance and counselling to help develop the best solutions for men’s own individual needs and goals. My approach to how I work with men was developed from over 20 years of counselling experience, and five years of doctoral studies learning what works in counselling men.

Areas I can help include:

  • Work-related issues, such as burnout, job stress, work-life balance, retirement, and professional dissatisfaction.
  • Relationship problems, such as separation, parenting, communication issues, attractions and affairs, and other relationship issues.
  • Mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma, or grief.
  • Out-of-control type concerns, such as anger, addictions, alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Bigger question issues, such as masculinity, identity, meaning, and spirituality.

My approach to working with men includes:

  • I aim to provide every man I see with a sense of being truly valued, respected, and treated with dignity.
  • I aim to provide a space where men can feel safe and feel genuinely heard, without judgement.
  • I aim to work collaboratively with clients, listening to their ideas and helping identify their strengths, while offering my own ideas and guidance of what might also help.

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